Professor Tsun lead the multidisciplinary research team (including Industrial Engineering and Management, Gerontechnology and Service Management and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) combine VR/game and Kinect to the somatosensory video game aim at advanced age/rehabilitation. This program is one of the multiyear research projects with the economic support of Ministry of Science and Technology, and the purpose is to make long-term rehabilitation exercise become more interesting. This program also get one invention patent and one utility model patent, and introduce this technique to several places such as Feng Yuan Hospital Rehabilitation Dept. to assist the execution of Innovation and Residential Rehabilitation program. Besides, this program also get the certification of SNQ in 2015, 2016; and then, our group assist the program “Jump! My old friends” founded by Lon Gan Lin Foundation and we get the economic support of United Way of Taiwan for two years, the support are 890 thousands for 2013, 880 thousands for 2014. In addition, we assist Nantou Mental Health Council to get the economic support from the Ministry of Labor “Multi-employment development plan”, the support are 1 million and 830 thousands for 2014, 800 thousands for 2015. This project also reported by United Daily News in 2016.4.26 and Life Plus in 2016.6. We also announce several SCI periodical papers and meeting papers for the research results.